Our rates are as follow:

New Patients, initial appointment (50 to 60 minutes): $126 plus GST*.

During this time we will: Discuss what brings you to the clinic and how we can help. Cover your medical history. Perform an assessment. Spend the remaining time treating you.

Follow-ups (50 to 60 minutes): $126 plus GST*.

For patients who have already been to the clinic. We will discuss your progress since your previous appointment. Followed by an assessment to evaluate changes and then we will proceed to treating you.

Children (under 12) (25 to 30 minutes): $84 plus GST*.

Children usually react to treatments faster than adults, due to the fact that their bodies are still changing at a rapid rate. Over treating can also cause issues, hence the shorter treatment time.

Please note that all our practitioners are registered and our treatments are therefor covered by most insurance plans. We encourage you to check with your provider if osteopathy is part of your coverage, as all plans are different.

*We have been advised by the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths that the CRA now requires that osteopathic manual therapist charge GST effective immediately. We have decided to temporarily take on that cost, in order to give you sufficient notice of the price increase.  Effective November 1st, 2020 a 5% GST charge will be added to our current rates.


We apologize for the inconvenience.